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One Year of Dreams – BHD Anniversary

In this special anniversary episode, host Shayla Burtin commemorates the first year of Building Her Dream alongside the launch of our inspiring March magazine issue. With gratitude and joy, she shares the personal motivations that sparked the birth of a platform dedicated to empowering introverted women entrepreneurs to make their mark on the world.

Joining Shayla in this celebratory episode are two remarkable guests: Stephanie Martinez Rivera, the creative mind behind the Joy Found Here Podcast, and Jennifer Andrea Telford, an advocate for holistic well-being and empowerment as an integrative women’s life & empowerment coach.

Their conversation takes us on a journey through the foundational stories of why they started their businesses and the profound impact they aim to create. Stephanie and Jennifer open up about the dualities of introversion – the challenges it presents and the unique strengths it bestows upon their business practices, particularly in the realm of building meaningful relationships and connections.

This episode further dismantles common misconceptions about introverts, shedding light on the depth, diversity, and dynamism of their inner worlds. To all the introverted dreamers taking their first steps into entrepreneurship, our guests share invaluable wisdom and actionable advice to ignite their paths with confidence and authenticity.

Whether you’re an introvert, an ally, or simply an admirer of quiet fortitude, this episode is a celebration of dreams, growth, and the quiet power within.

Stephanie Martinez Rivera

Jennifer Andrea Telford

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