Building Her Dream is a media platform dedicated to empowering introverted women entrepreneurs and professionals across the globe. Our mission is to illuminate the often-underappreciated journeys of these inspiring women, showcasing their achievements, and helping them comfortably gain visibility on their own terms.

Business Strategist Shayla Burtin sensed a need to increase her visibility in a way that fused naturally with her introverted nature. Spotting a gap, she crafted this unique platform to spotlight women like her who often find traditional channels draining or misaligned with their disposition.

Thus, in 2023, Building Her Dream was born.

Since its inception, we have proudly featured over 150 introverted women, sharing their authentic experiences through our website, podcast, and magazine. We’ve also been sharing our unique story on other platforms like:

Meet Our Editor-In-Chief

I’m Shayla Burtin, the Founder of Building Her Dream.

I didn’t become an entrepreneur to get rich. What I really wanted was more freedom and the chance to choose how I spent my days. I wanted to do the work that I loved and to help others without any restrictions.

Building Her Dream was created out of my desire to share the amazing stories of quiet, introverted women who are building successful businesses.

It’s a safe place where we can all come together to learn, grow, and get inspired by other women who are forging their own paths and living their dreams.

Apart from steering Building Her Dream, I wear many hats. I serve as a certified Director of Operations, HR Leader, Author, and Founder of Yes, I Can Help You – an operations management and virtual staffing company.

Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I pride myself on being the World’s Best Aunt to 6 wonderful children. When I’m not hard at work, you might find me watching Netflix, planning my next vacation, and (not so) patiently awaiting Rihanna’s next album.