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Are you an introverted woman building your dream?

Every introverted woman has a unique story, a journey that has led her to where she stands today. At Building Her Dream, we are committed to sharing your stories and shining a light on your experiences. We would love to present your narrative and inspire others with your vision and courage.

Website Feature: 
This is a four-question mini-interview featured on our website where readers can learn a little about the work you do and how you got started. A great promo opportunity for free! We receive a lot of interview requests so it could take a month or two for your interview to be posted.

Podcast Feature:
Share the challenges and successes of being an introverted entrepreneur or professional in a relaxed, conversational format that our listeners can tune into at any time. We send free podcast guest opportunities to our community email list. Click here to get on our list.

Magazine Feature + Medium Feature + Podcast Episode:
Tell your story in a detailed interview in our digital magazine. This feature allows you to dive deeper into your story, providing readers with an extensive insight into your journey. Plus, we’ll share your story on which boasts over 100 million readers a month.

For a fee, here’s what you’ll receive:

    • 3-page interview in our bi-monthly magazine
    • Story republished on
    • A high-quality printed magazine copy 
    • Be a part of a special podcast episode with all the women featured in the issue
    • Bonus: eBook on how to promote and maximize your interview on social media