Building Her Dream Team
with Elite Virtual Assistants

We bridge the gap between ambitious entrepreneurs and exceptional virtual assistants.

As a business owner poised for growth, you understand the importance of a solid team, yet the time and energy required to find the perfect candidates can be overwhelming.

That’s where we step in.

We leverage our expertise to scout, vet, and match you with virtual assistants who aren’t just task performers but proactive thinkers and strategic partners.

This frees you up to focus on what matters most—scaling your business and enjoying your personal life.

Our service is designed for leaders like you, who need to expand their remote teams but want to avoid the exhaustive search and uncertainty that often comes with hiring online.

You make the final hiring decision, assured that each candidate you meet is already a top-tier match poised to drive your business forward. 

Virtual Assistants are equipped to handle a wide array of tasks to free up your schedule and boost your business efficiency. 

  • Administrative Support
  • Calendar Management
  • Social Media
  • Graphic Design
  • Email Newsletter
  • Inbox Management
  • Customer Service
  • Research
  • Content Writing
  • Proofreading
  • Bookkeeping
  • Video Editing
  • Blog Formatting
  • Travel Booking
  • and more!

Our Process

You Sign Up.

Kickstart your journey by filling out our brief form. Tell us about your business, the role you’re looking to fill, and specific VA requirements. 

We Vet the VAs.

We review applications from our pool of VAs. We conduct thorough interviews and skills assessments, to gauge their abilities.

You Meet the Top VAs.

We present you with the top three candidates. You’ll conduct interviews to determine who’s the best fit for your team.

Make Your Hire.

You choose the VA you would like to move forward with and offer them the job. The VA works directly with you as a contractor.

Why Work With Us?

Global Talent, Local Impact

Our network spans continents, offering you access to virtual assistants from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and skill sets. This global reach ensures you find the exact match for your business needs.

A Rigorous Vetting Process

Quality is our mantra. We conduct in-depth interviews and skills assessments to ensure our VAs are not only proficient in their fields but are also strategic thinkers, proactive in their approach, and align with your values.

Efficiency in Time and Cost

By entrusting us with your recruitment, you minimize operational costs and save valuable time — resources that are better invested in scaling your business and honing your competitive edge.

Direct Collaboration, No Middlemen

When you choose a VA, they integrate into your team seamlessly, working under your guidance without the hassle of intermediaries. This direct interaction fosters a stronger partnership and quicker turnaround times.

Decades of Expertise at Your Service

With over 20 years in the hiring game, we really know how to spot a good match for your team. That's a lot of experience you can count on to make sure you're getting someone who can hit the ground running.

Your Partner in Growth

Ultimately, choosing to work with us means selecting a partner committed to your success. From facilitating the initial match to supporting ongoing collaborations, we're here to help your business thrive.

Let us match you with a virtual assistant who’s as invested in your success as you are.

While you focus on growing your business, assured that you’re about to work with a top-tier virtual assistant matched to your unique needs for a one-time fee of:


originally $997

What People Say

I had a session with Shayla to help with hiring and outsourcing. She gave me some great advise to streamline the process and find the right people. I feel much more confident now and I would definitely recommend working with her if you are looking to build a team.

Emma Schwartz, Marketing Agency

I am a client of Shayla’s. She has helped me with expanding my team tremendously! With the tips and insight from Shayla, I am now able to search for folks with unique talents to add to my team.

Jeneen Perkins, Tax & Accounting Services

Working with Shayla helped me come up with new ideas for how to conduct meetings with prospective clients, how to hire and onboard my team and so much more. I feel like a legit business owner.

Valarie Thomas, Social Media Agency

Frequently Asked Questions

Our flat fee covers the entire matching process, which includes an initial consultation to understand your business needs, a curated search from our pool of vetted virtual assistants, personalized selection of top candidates for you to review, and support throughout the process of choosing and beginning work with your new virtual assistant.

We take the matching process seriously. It involves understanding not just your business needs but also your company culture and the specific skills required for the tasks at hand. Our virtual assistants are thoroughly vetted for their professional skills, communication abilities, and work ethic to ensure they’re up for the job.

You will work with and pay your VA directly. However, we are available to address any concerns or questions that may arise after you start working with your virtual assistant. We’re committed to ensuring a successful, long-term professional relationship.

Determining the right amount to pay your virtual assistant (VA) involves a few key considerations. It’s important to discuss pay expectations directly with your VA during the hiring process. This ensures that both parties are clear and agreeable to the compensation terms.

Keep in mind that fair compensation is crucial for retaining a high-performing VA over the long term. Paying well and on time fosters loyalty and motivation.

The minimum hourly rate we recommend is at least $6 per hour. However, do consider factors such as the VA’s level of experience, the complexity of the tasks they will handle, and the standard of living in their country, which might necessitate a higher wage to ensure fairness and competitiveness.

This strategy not only supports ethical business practices but also enhances job satisfaction and overall performance, making it a win-win for both you and your VA.

We recommend discussing with your VA their preferred method of payment. Many of our clients have successfully used platforms like Wise, PayPal, and WorldRemit.

Our goal is to find you the perfect match from the get-go. However, we understand that sometimes things don’t work out as planned. We will replace your VA match at no extra cost if the working relationship ends within the first 14 days.

After paying the matchmaking fee, we typically begin the process immediately. Depending on your specific requirements and our current pool of candidates, you could start working with your new virtual assistant within 14-21 days.

Take the first step towards building your dream team!