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Do Less Creating and More Marketing

How much time are you wasting trying to perfect your creations?

You’ve got so many great ideas for eBooks, t-shirts, courses, and more.

Unfortunately, spending all of your time creating is not going to pay off as much as if you spent it selling.

You can have the very best course on the market in your niche but make pennies compared to someone with a mediocre product or service who is out there marketing.  

If you’ve finished setting up your website, and your email list and you have a few products to sell, it’s time to transition into spending less time creating and more time marketing and making sales.

Once you are making money, you can get more help with the work you still need to accomplish. 

Always Be Marketing

Most experts say that you need to spend about 80 percent of your time on marketing. I like to say that you should simply, always be marketing.

One could argue that the moment you have anything to show anyone, you should start marketing.  

Spending more time marketing means more sales.

More sales mean more money.

More money means you can hire people.

And once you build a team, you immediately boost your business from being one accident away from being over to being something you can sell to others or pass on to your kids. You’re building a legacy.  

Use SMART Objectives

SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. This means that you want to spend time using the right type of marketing that you can measure, test, and tweak over time to perfect it and get more out of it.

Using the SMART acronym, write down your marketing objectives, and then match each objective with one or more ways to achieve it.

For example, if you set the objective to get 10 new customers in two weeks for your pain-reducing body pillow, you want to describe how you’re going to do it so that you can pluck the tasks or (to-dos) out and put them in your calendar.  

Whether you determine that you need marketing content, or you realize you need to run a Facebook Advertisement, the important thing is that you do something each day to market your business or products directly.

When you organize everything so that you can know what tasks to do each day, you’ll soon start seeing the results you want.

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