building her dream magazine may/june 2024
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Building Her Dream Magazine May/June 2024

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The refreshing blooms of spring usher in our much-anticipated May/June 2024 issue, themed Blossoming Ambitions. In this issue we’re diving into the vibrant odysseys of personal growth and renewal. It is a heartfelt exploration of the paths we tread in nurturing our ambitions, offering encouragement, insights, and community stories that celebrate the quiet power of introspective entrepreneurs.

Our cover story shines a spotlight on Kathryn Garcia, a distinguished event organizer from Sydney, Australia, whose career is a testament to the theme of blossoming ambitions.

Kathryn’s story captures the essence of personal and professional renewal, illustrating how embracing change and fostering growth has led to her thriving career in the event industry. Her journey is filled with insightful reflections on adaptation, resilience, and the beauty of watching one’s efforts bloom into success.

  • Paula Banks: A children’s book author from Virginia, who shares her journey of growth both as a writer and an entrepreneur.
  • Cameran Battley: A licensed clinical massage therapist from Indiana, whose hands transform the lives of her clients.

Each page of this issue is infused with stories of resilience, creativity, and ambition, all aimed at inspiring you to nurture your inner gardens and let your dreams blossom. Join us in celebrating the journey of renewal and the beauty of ambitions in full bloom with our May/June 2024 edition.

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