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Meet Introverted Marketing Consultant, Kristen Kubik

Say hello to Kristen Kubik from Maryland, USA. Her dream is to live her best life on an island with the sun shining every day and a swim up coffee bar in her pool. She reminisces a lot about her trip to Aruba. She loves the island and the people so much that she would love to experience it all the time.

Tell us about your work and your inspiration for getting started.

I am an inclusive marketing consultant and business compliance advisor. My focus is helping people build their community and solidify their brand trust through inclusive messaging and ethical business tactics.

I fell in love with marketing because I thought it was exciting. I loved all the creativity that went into it. However, when I really started digging deeper, I found all of the problems with marketing. Unfortunately, there is a lot of deception involved with marketing, including a lot of pain point manipulation that exploited people’s issues. Ultimately, it creates a guilt shame cycle that makes people buy from a very disempowered place. 

Once I saw this, it was very easy for me to transition to inclusive marketing so I can stop this. I want to help business owners to make better choices so that their community feels empowered instead of manipulated to buy from them. 

I’m on a mission to challenge the status quo and revolutionize modern marketing strategy.

How has being an introvert affected your life and your business?

The biggest challenge I’ve experienced as an introvert in business is the need to be visible.

There are times where being seen or heard by people is insanely overwhelming, however I know that it’s crucial that I am seen and heard. It’s something I have to be very mindful of when I commit to engagements and when I’m choosing the spaces I put myself into. 

There is lots of recharging that happens after a large interaction or engagement. I’ll either take time to myself and retreat to my office and sometimes I’ll even take a nap. I honor this part of my personality and make sure that my schedule allows me to properly recharge when I need it. 

Can you share a significant lesson you have learned on your journey so far?

Past experiences with burnout and juggling a business while studying a Masters in Legal Studies has shown me the importance of allowing myself to slow down when I need it. This was also really clear after my mom died. Everything I did drained me, so I had to really get intentional with how I used my energy. I realized that I don’t always have to be hustling to move the needle forward. Being productive is better than being “busy.” 

Because of this I have created my own system to still be productive while honoring my energy levels. My A/B Days system helps me to consistently move the needle forward in their business regardless of their energy level on that day. 

Hustle culture and business burnout are common themes in the entrepreneurial and small business space. My A/B Day system is an alternative to “pushing through” and “hustling harder” that allows me and other introverted or neurodiverse business owners who I’ve shared this with, to operate in line with their energy changing energy levels. 

With the A/B Days system, higher energy days are “A Days” (Action Days). Low energy days are “B Days” (Bare Minimum Days). I tailor my task list and engagements on social media or podcasts to reflect which kind of day I am having. 

What advice would you give to other introverted women who are on a journey to build their dreams?

Our society is not built for someone who requires less energy, low impact, or recharge moments. So, what you do is going to look different than most other people. It doesn’t make it bad, wrong, or invalid. It’s what makes your journey have a unique point of view, and that’s exactly what makes you, you. 

Great advice! Thank you for taking the time to share your story.

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