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An Introvert’s Journey as an Email Copywriter With Mariah Krist

On this episode of Building Her Dream Podcast, Shayla Burtin had a conversation with Mariah Krist the founder of Spill the Tea Copy. She is an email copywriter who helps women entrepreneurs attract more and better clients by writing tailored copy.

From the name of her business, you can already guess that her favorite beverage is tea, specifically Matcha.

Mariah has well over 6 years of experience in writing, a skill that she gained from reading countless books while growing up. As an introvert with ‘severe social anxiety,’ Mariah was always at the library reading anything she could get her hands on, and luckily for her, her parents were very supportive.

During our chat, she said that her greatest achievements were quitting her house cleaning job, and niching down to email marketing.

After investing time and money perfecting her writing skills, Mariah can finally say she is a certified Email Writer who can deliver any copy in less than 24 hours, and work with any client.

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