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A Chat With Introverted Founder, Charmaine Fuller

Welcome to another episode of Building Her Dream – the podcast designed to inspire and empower introverted women entrepreneurs! We’re your source for resonant stories celebrating challenges, victories, and the unabashed pursuit of passions. Hosted by Business Operations Strategist and author, Shayla Burtin, we aim to provide you with the inspiration to build your dream life, on your terms!

This episode features a fantastic chat with our guest, Charmaine Fuller.

Charmaine is a gifted life strategist from The Charmed Life. She has a special knack for helping moms with ADHD create a schedule that keeps them focused and in flow. Her mantra – simplifying life to bring about clarity, calm, and productivity!

In our conversation, we discuss Charmaine’s entrepreneurial journey through the lens of an introvert. She shares with us the challenges she has faced, the triumphs she has celebrated, and her unique approach to life and business. The road hasn’t always been smooth, but her journey showcases the resilience and dedication that make up the backbone of her success.

If you’re a mom with ADHD, an introverted entrepreneur, or someone looking to live a life that’s more authentic and purposeful, you do not want to miss out on this episode!

So, take a moment, plug in those earbuds, and join us for a heartwarming chat with Charmaine Fuller. And if you’d like to know more about her and her work, head over to her website for a deeper dive. ⁠

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