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An Introvert’s Journey as a Life Coach With Sonya McKinzie

In the latest episode of the Building Her Dream Podcast, we had a heart-to-heart with Sonya McKinzie, a survivor, author, and inspiring coach.

Sonya has fought through a lot in her life. She’s made it through domestic violence, two brushes with suicide, and the challenges of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and anxiety. But rather than let these experiences bring her down, she used them to rise up.

Sonya founded an organization called ThriveHER Inc. and she’s written twelve top-selling books. She uses her skills as a certified trauma and recovery life coach to help other women who have gone through tough times, just like she has.

Sonya’s goal is simple but powerful: she wants to help women break free from the constraints of their past. She helps them grow stronger, so they can speak up after going through trauma and abuse. Sonya works hard to show women they don’t need to stay in the role of the victim after abuse has happened. She wants them to thrive, no matter what’s happened before.

During our chat, we talked about growing up as an introvert, Sonya’s journey as a business owner and why her work is so important. You won’t want to miss this episode – her story might just change your life!

To learn more about Sonya McKinzie, find her on social media as ThriveHERInc and visit her website:

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