Charisse Burton

A Chat With Live Your Chosen Life Founder, Charisse Burton

Charisse Burton is a Business Strategy, Messaging & Communications Coach and Entrepreneur with over 19 yrs. of experience. She is a content specialist, passionate motivator, messaging authority, sales master, and founder of LIVE YOUR CHOSEN LIFE, LLC in addition to being a 3X International best-selling author!

Charisse has spent many years both as an entrepreneur and training female entrepreneurs. Her unique skills of building strategy, blended with her gift of creating response-driven messaging and her sales closing formula, make her a highly sought-after expert.

Growing up with what she refers to as a “colorful childhood,” although difficult, made her even more determined to not become a statistic. Living a life, she chooses by using every gift God has given her and helping other women do the same, is what has kept her fighting for healing and continued growth.

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