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A Chat With Introverted Founder, Tiffany Obeng

We’re back with another heartwarming episode of Building Her Dream where we dive deep into stories of introverted women creating magic, all while building the lives and businesses of their dreams.

This time, we had the incredible opportunity to chat with Tiffany Obeng, a lawyer turned author and publisher making waves in the world of children’s literature. Tiffany isn’t just any author; she’s on a mission to fill bookshelves with stories that celebrate Black children and families, setting a new standard for representation in children’s books.

During our chat, Tiffany opened up about her path as an introverted entrepreneur. With each word, you could feel the passion she has for her work and the impact it’s having.

It’s not just about writing books for Tiffany; it’s about changing narratives and creating a safer, more inclusive world for children to grow up in.

To learn more about Tiffany Obeng, visit her website at and find her on Instagram and Facebook @sugarcookiebooks.

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