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Meet Introverted Executive Functions Coach, Shannyn Schroeder

Say hello to Shannyn Schroeder from Chicago, Illinois, USA. Her dream includes writing her blog and growing her group coaching membership creating affordable, accessible executive function help for women. This flexibility will allow her more time for fiction writing and also give her the time and financial freedom to do the things that are most important.

Tell us about the work you do and what inspired you to get started.

I’ve been an Executive Function Coach for over seven years. I was already doing the work raising my three neurodivergent kids. For that job, I work mostly with high school and college students. 

However, in recent years, I’ve been meeting more and more women who are getting later-in-life diagnoses like ADHD, autism, anxiety, and depression. While the diagnosis gives them some relief and understanding, they still don’t know how to make changes. 

Hiring a coach can be cost-prohibitive for many women. I started writing my blog to offer free help, and that has developed into online courses and a membership that is affordable.

Has being an introvert affected your life and your business?

Networking is tough when you’re an introvert. Even on a good day, I suck at putting myself out there, talking to people, and making connections. For the most part, that’s a huge disadvantage for promoting my business. However, it makes me totally relatable to my clients. We’re all a work in progress.

Share a significant lesson you have learned on your journey so far.

Take chances and believe in yourself. Two years ago, I kept thinking that I had no reason to start a blog because I had nothing to say, nothing that people would want to read. Then I figured out who my audience is and what difference I can make in their lives. 

So I jumped in and now I have people who regularly read my blog and join my Facebook group or membership because they find value in what I’m saying.

What advice would you give to other introverted women who are on a journey to build their dreams?

Find your people. Yes, you need to find your audience, but you also need to find a support system of people who get it. Even if your family is supportive of what you’re doing, unless they are entrepreneurs or people building something similar, they really don’t get it

You need people who are on a similar path. People who will not only cheer you on, but help you when you go off track. Having those people in my corner is priceless.

Thank you for taking the time to share your story.

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