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Meet Introverted Business Strategist, Karena Calhoun

Say hello to Karena Calhoun from Richmond, Virginia. Her dream life is one where she has the freedom to choose how she spends her time and where she lives, without being tied down by constraints. Financial freedom is vital, allowing her to pursue her passions and adventures without worry. Ultimately, Karena wants to live on her terms, embracing new experiences, and enjoying the richness of life.

Tell us about the work you do and what inspired you to get started.

In 2018, I took a leap of faith and launched my business. I was pretty new to the whole entrepreneurship scene, but my heart was set on serving others in a way that felt right to me. When 2019 came around, I found myself leaving the corporate world, due to a company-wide shutdown. It was a now or never moment for my business.

During those first six months, let’s just say they were a real test, with not a single penny in sales.  But things started looking up. I began signing clients and by 2021, I was at my target income goals. Working with different coaches, I noticed something was missing in the coaching world. That’s when I decided to yet again step out on faith.

I shifted gears from life and mindset coaching to focus on business strategies for introverts. 

This wasn’t the plan from the beginning, but it just felt like the perfect fit. I dialed in on strategies for us introverts that cut through the online chaos. 

It’s all about helping introverts attract clients without having to pretend to be someone they’re not. I’ve put together a system for visibility and sales that lets introverts like me stand out online, without feeling out of place–without the ickiness.  

My approach is straight to the point–we’re here to see real results, and fast.  I’m all about supporting my fellow introverts, who might be struggling with sales, feeling a bit unsure of themselves, finding networking tricky, or feeling like they’re just not being seen nor heard by their ideal audience.

I get it, and I’m here to help ‘Team Introverts’ tap into our superpowers, boost our confidence, and get us seen and heard by our ideal clients.  This visibility and sales system leads to the sales and impact that we desire and deserve.  

How has being an introvert affected your life and your business?

Back when I was in my corporate job as a high-level leader, I was told by my leader that “folks who don’t know how to have small talk won’t make it up the ladder.”  Well, that tops an introvert’s list of don’ts.  

That piece of advice stuck with me in a not so good way.  It actually became a stumbling block.  It filtered over to my business life and it wasn’t good.  Trying to grow my business was difficult because I didn’t want to network and I was apprehensive about making connections with people.  

Although I was able to secure clients, it wasn’t nearly what I was capable of had I understood that being an introvert is a superpower not a disadvantage like some would have us believe.  I began embracing my introverted nature, and guess what? 

It turned out to be an incredible asset. It’s all about authentic connections and finding your own unique way in the business world. And let me tell you, it’s been a game-changer.

karena calhoun

Can you share a significant lesson you have learned on your journey so far?

The most significant lesson from my entrepreneurial journey is that all of us, with our unique personalities, are actually moving in the same direction. We’re all driven by the desire to make an impact in the world. And with that, being an introvert has turned out to be my secret weapon on this journey.

I’ve come to see that being an introvert isn’t a roadblock, but instead a superpower.  We introverts have a depth about us.  We are deep thinkers and we’re all about meaningful connections and real strategies. My lesson is that It’s not just about wanting to make an impact; it’s about using our introverted strengths to really get there. And honestly, it’s been pretty awesome to see how this quiet power of ours can actually speak volumes.

What advice would you give to other introverted women who are building their dreams?

To all my fellow introverted women on their paths in the business world, remember that your introverted nature is a superpower, not a hindrance. Embrace the deep thinking, creativity, and empathy that come with it. 

Create your business approach to fit your personality.  Focus on building genuine connections in a way that feels authentic to you. 

Find a supportive community; it’s essential.  Whether it’s other introverted entrepreneurs, mentors, or a professional network. Your community can be incredibly uplifting and inspiring.

While growth often requires stepping out of your comfort zone, do it at your own pace, with small, manageable steps. Remember, self-care is crucial; as an introvert, you need time to recharge. Celebrate every achievement, big or small, to boost your confidence. Lean into feedback and support. A coach, strategist, or consultant who appreciates the nuances of introversion can offer valuable guidance.

Above all, believe in your vision and your ability to realize it. Your being an introvert is not just part of your identity; it’s a significant asset in your business journey, and can make your strategies unique and impactful.

Thank you for taking the time to share your story.

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