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Meet Introverted Relationship Coach, Pamela Evans

Say hello to Pamela Evans from Illinois, USA. Her dream is to travel the world with her husband and another couple exploring new experiences and excursions. She would love to take an annual trip with all six of her children.

So that means she needs to have a thriving business that runs itself and can provide enough income for that to happen.

Pamela, tell us about the work you do and what inspired you to start this business.

I have worked with premarital and married couples for 20 years plus. On June 18, 2021, the day of my dad’s passing I had an encounter with my mom that was not nice. It really confirmed how I felt for years but she had never verbalized it or blatantly showed behaviors toward me that caused me to step back. 

And when I did, I began searching for some information and intentionally talking to many women about their mother-daughter relationships. Only to find that this disconnect was like an epidemic that nobody was talking about but walking around with an open wound. 

The ages varied all the way to 85 years old. So I began creating a masterclass that I have offered for two years to women who have difficulty healing from unhealthy, dysfunctional, and toxic mother daughter relationships.

Later, I was inspired to continue to help women by expanding my circle. I asked all the ladies in the masterclass to write their stories in a book I published. This way they can encourage other women to heal and live their life practicing healthy boundaries and using their voice as an agent of change. I recently launched a podcast today to help many other women.

How has being an introvert affected your life and your business?

Being an introvert has affected my life and business because I didn’t realize why I preferred meeting with people one on one more than groups for a long time. I felt more comfortable, and less intimidated by being judged for not being an eloquent speaker. 

In my mind, I felt I was boring to others, and they didn’t want to hear what I had to say because I was not eloquent enough. But I now understand that those were the negative words spoken to me by my inner critic that I had not learned how to silence. I didn’t try a lot of things I so boldly do now because I’ve learned to not focus so much on failure. But to view all my experiences as LESSONS LEARNED! 

Today, I am free to be me and show up as a woman who no longer lives under criticism, or dodges the backlash of not doing something the way others think it should have been done.

Can you share a significant lesson you have learned on your journey so far?

Yes, the most significant lesson I’ve learned on this journey has been to learn who I have been created to be. There are no duplicates. Even if someone may be doing the same thing I’m doing, it won’t be the same because of who God made me to be. 

We all have a sphere of influence. We need to find it and get into our sweet spot and make a difference as best as we can!

What advice would you give to other introverted women who are on a journey to build their dreams?

The advice I would give is to spend a lot of time in solitude reading self-help books, praying, and preparing yourself for what you want to do in life. Give yourself a chance at it. If you don’t like it, realize you would have never known if you hadn’t tried it. 

Be kind and compassionate to yourself of any mistakes and imperfections you have. Remind yourself that life is a gift given to you. Open it, learn what to do with it, use it, and impact others with it.

Thank you for taking the time to share your story.

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Photo credits: Jill Bonnema, New Beginnings Photography

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