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Dr. Carrie Graham’s Introverted Journey as an Adult Learning Strategist

We’re back with another episode of Building Her Dream where we dive deep into stories of introverted women creating magic, all while building the lives and businesses of their dreams. In this episode, host Shayla Burtin sits down with Dr. Carrie Graham, an innovative Adult Learning Strategist who is deeply passionate about revolutionizing the way small and mid-size companies approach training programs.

She shares her fascinating journey from a quiet childhood as an introvert to becoming a trailblazing entrepreneur in the world of adult education.

Throughout the conversation, we explore not only Dr. Graham’s personal story but also the profound importance of her work in today’s business environment. She reveals how her introverted nature shaped her path and continues to influence her approach to entrepreneurship and adult learning.

Dr. Graham provides valuable insights into the challenges and triumphs she’s encountered, shedding light on the critical role of effective training programs in empowering individuals and transforming businesses.

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