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Meet Introverted Business Coach, Lindsay Dollinger

Say hello to Lindsay Dollinger from Mechanicsburg, Ohio, USA. Her dream is to have the ability to do what she wants, when she wants, where she wants, and with who she wants. She would live near Disney World or Spain.  Both so different, but so fun to dream about!

Tell us about the work you do and what inspired you to start this business or career.

I am a Magnetic Business Coach. I teach women how to uncover their potential and their purpose, and add in the “pixie dust”, aka what really makes them stand out and makes their brand fun.  I help the women I work with be more confident to step into their magic, and create brands and businesses they’re obsessed with. 

I started this career very organically after I grew a top network marketing business and realized what I really loved about my business was empowering women around me to do the same.

I started a podcast, created a planner, and started a membership, and the rest is history!

Has being an introvert affected your life and your business?

I never realized I was an introvert until I got into business.  

I grew my businesses while still being a full-time teacher. I quickly realized that I was going to have to be very intentional about my energy after being around people all day and then still being around people, even if virtually, at night.  At times, it led to burnout.  

Once I discovered I was an introvert and a Projector in human design and really learned how to make that work for me instead of trying to change it, I was able to harness my energy to make even bigger moves in my business. 

Share a significant lesson you have learned on your journey so far.

My biggest lesson has been that I get to have people supporting me in different areas of my life, and I can’t expect everyone to understand or support my business.  And that’s ok!  

I lost some friends along the way when I didn’t understand that and some just naturally as I changed and they didn’t. That can be hard, but it is all a part of life and the process. 

You can’t force positive mindset changes on everyone and not everyone gets it.  

Find your people who do and those are your new biz besties.

What advice would you give to other introverted women who are on a journey to build their dreams?

Schedule in regular periods of rest and recharge. Even if you like to hustle, without the rest and recharging how you do best, you’ll burn out and resent your business.  

Thank you for taking the time to share your story.

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Photo credits: Kelsey Kurtis

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