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Meet Introverted Business Coach, Tina Bar

Meet Tina Bar from Raleigh, North Carolina. She is living most of the dreams she has wanted up until this point from family to living in a beautiful place and finding her perfect career.

Tina, tell us about what you do and who you help.

I am a business coach who specializes in helping e-commerce store owners fall back in love with their businesses. It doesn’t take long for burnout and overwhelm to take over and with my support, I help them overcome those stressors and rediscover the joy in their business. 

I understand those challenges first-hand, having gone through them myself as an e-commerce business owner who has faced the same feelings and fears. Many of my clients call this business therapy and I find that to be a great description of what I offer.

This is really the coaching that I wish I had found when I started my first few e-commerce businesses.

I have been coaching for a few years and saw that there was a big gap between the programs, experts and coaches who teach the marketing part but don’t address the mindset and personal aspects of being a business owner. By combining the two in 1:1 calls, we can go much deeper and really find out who you want to be in your business.  

What’s a challenge you’ve faced along your entrepreneurial journey?

I would say every day as a business owner can be a challenge but my biggest one to-date was knowing when to close a business that was no longer serving me or my mission. It was a hard decision to make but once I did it a lot of new and better opportunities opened up to me. 

I think we are often afraid to close a chapter of our lives and now that I’ve done it I am much more open to making pivots and experimenting with things that I know I can shut down at any time if they no longer serve me.

Do you think that being an introvert has affected your business? 

Being an introvert has been overall positive for me, but I think that is because I know myself well and have found ways to create opportunities that let me flourish in my comfort zone. 

I found that the businesses I run both fit my style – My 1:1 coaching is also well suited to my introverted nature since I connect really well when I get to know someone on a deeper level. I find that many of my clients are also introverts and appreciate my calm, relaxed way of coaching. 

My other business – the e-commerce store lets me sell without having to put myself out there. I’ve tried pop-ups and other in-person events and the anxiety and stress I feel just isn’t worth it.

I now really try and do what works for me as an introvert which is email, static social posting, and other more typical introverted communication and marketing methods.

What advice would you give to other introverted women just starting their own businesses?

I think it is really important to define why you started this business and continuously check-in with yourself to make sure you are staying true to that vision. It is really easy to get off track by feeling the FOMO and doing things that aren’t aligned with your natural gifts and personality type. 

A lot of the experts and loudest voices in the room are extroverts and if we try and follow their lead, we end up in a place that overwhelms and drains us and actually moves us further away from our goals.

Thank you for taking the time to share your story.

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