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Meet Personal Fitness Trainer, Raya ‘RKaye’ Karel

Raya Karel is an accomplished and introverted woman entrepreneur from Saskatchewan, Canada. With over 15 years of experience as a personal fitness trainer, she has spent the last 4 years helping her clients reach their fitness goals, even in the midst of their busy lives.

When the pandemic forced changes in how people approached fitness, Raya quickly adapted, shifting her passion for powerlifting, strongman, and Tae Kwon Do to the online space. Drawing on her extensive background in Sports Science from the University of the Philippines, Diliman, and her personal achievements since 2006, Raya has shown that simple solutions can have a profound impact on people’s fitness journeys.

What does your dream life look like? 

My dream life includes becoming the go-to expert when it comes to fitness, especially when it comes to those who live a busy lifestyle and helping everyone recognize that it can be done even without the gym or any equipment.

Tell me more about what you do and who you help.

I help people reach their fitness goals despite being stuck in extreme busyness.

What inspired you to start this business?

I have been an in-person personal fitness trainer for over a decade and when the pandemic hit, I had to put my focus on bringing all that I know and love to do online.

What’s a challenge you’ve faced along your entrepreneurial journey?

The solopreneur journey is not an easy task. It will always be a work in progress for me. I believe as long as I take things a day at a time, I will eventually be able to make the journey a lot more bearable and easier in the long run.

Do you think that being an introvert has affected your business? 

I believe one of the things that affects my business as an introvert is breaking through initial conversations with brand-new potential clients. But the great thing about taking things online is that in some way I have an artificial barrier that serves as a way to block out the anxiety and stressors as opposed to when I have to meet up in-person.

What methods do you use to bring in new clients?

Often I promote my business by running ads, asking for referrals as well as directly starting up conversations through the different social media platforms and email.

Is attending networking events a part of your marketing strategy?

Yes, I do look for ways to join networking events as well as groups and take these as opportunities to promote my business.

How do you define success for yourself and your business?

My definition of success from the get-go has always been to be able to help, guide, educate, motivate, and inspire one person at a time.

What advice would you give to other introverted women just starting their businesses?

Do not wait until you are ready. Take action every single day even if you feel that it is “imperfect” because in turn, you get to build up your confidence and abilities through the experiences that you earn.

Thank you for taking the time to share your story. Where can our readers find more information about you?

They can find me on YouTube & Instagram as @RKayeMovesDaily and on Facebook as @RKaye.DailyMoves.

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