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Providing Hope and Support Through Tough Times with Natasha Turner

We’re excited to chat with Natasha Turner from Over The Horizon Counseling and Consulting. She lives in Fort Worth, Texas and has been in business for two years.

Natasha, why don’t you start by telling us what your dream life looks like? Are you currently living in it?

My dream life would look like a healthy balance of family, friends, work, travel, and leisure. I do feel like I have all of those things, but the healthy balance is not there yet.

Tell me more about what you do and who you help.

I am a mental health therapist that provides online counseling or therapy to people throughout Texas. 

I specialize in working with young adults experiencing life transitions that could benefit from guidance or even just a sounding board when experiencing difficulties and making life changes.

It sounds like you do great work. What inspired you to start this business?

I was inspired to start my business to help eliminate barriers and reduce the stigma for minorities when it comes to accessing quality mental health services.

You’ve been in business for 2 years now. What’s a challenge you’ve faced along your journey?

Throughout my journey as a business woman, I have truly learned about the importance of financial management. I went from using personal funds to fund business ventures to navigating separating business from personal to bookkeeping and then accounting. 

I have learned so much and am so grateful to have found a community of therapists doing what I am doing who share their wealth of knowledge, trials, and tribulations, and help point me in the right direction.

That’s great. Community is really important.

How has being an introvert affected your business? 

I think being an introvert has impacted my business as I am not frequently marketing or talking about the services I offer. 

I think due to not doing the marketing myself, I try my best to make sure all interactions are positive and meaningful so those who do connect with me have amazing experiences and carry the message about who I am and what I do for others.

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What methods do you use to bring in new clients?

I subscribe to several online referral networks including Psychology Today, Therapy for Black Girls, Therapy for Black Men, and Open Path Collective as well as promote mental health and wellness on my business Instagram page: @othcounseling.

Is attending networking events a part of your marketing strategy? Why or why not?

I would like to participate in networking events in the future as it is one of the best ways to get your name out there and to be discovered.

How do you define success for yourself and your business?

For me, I feel successful when clients or families share about how things have progressed or moved in a positive direction. I love being able to provide hope, encouragement, direction, and support through tough times.

What advice would you give to other introverted women who are just starting their own businesses?

Saying no to things that are not aligned with your vision for your business is just as important as saying yes to the right ones. Spend plenty of time with powerful, like-minded women, and look for mentors wherever you can find them!

Thank you for taking the time to share your story. Where can our readers find more information about you?

For more information about our services, please visit: www.overthehorizoncounseling.com

Please follow us on Instagram at: www.instagram.com/othcounseling

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