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Harnessing the Power of the Subconscious Mind With Nikola Bučková

We’re excited to learn all about Nikola Bučková from Prague, Czechia. She is a transformational guide who has been in business for 2 years.

What does your dream life look like? Are you currently living your dream or still working on it?

My dream life as a transformational guide is one where I am able to fully immerse myself in the work of helping individuals transform their lives by addressing the subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs that hold them back.

I envision a world where I am able to work with people from all around the globe, utilizing creative and innovative techniques to make the therapy process engaging and impactful.

I see myself as a guide, helping people to increase their self-esteem and self-worth, so they can build fulfilling relationships and truly live their best lives. 

While I am currently balancing my corporate job with my passion for therapy, I am actively working towards making this dream a reality. For me, it’s not just about achieving my personal goals, but about making a real and meaningful difference in the lives of others.

Tell us more about what you do.

As a transformational guide, I specialize in helping individuals unlock their full potential by harnessing the power of the subconscious mind.

Through my work which are Rapid transformational and advanced conversational hypnotherapy Im helping clients identify and overcome limiting beliefs, blocks and patterns that hold them back in different areas of their lives. 

My goal is to empower my clients to build their self-confidence and self-image, so they can become individuals who know what they want and never settle for less. I believe that having a strong sense of self is the foundation for creating long-lasting, mutually fulfilling connections.

I use a variety of techniques that are both evidence-based and innovative to help clients achieve their goals. I’m always searching for new ways to make my services engaging, interesting and impactful.

I’m passionate about helping people to live their best lives, and I believe that everyone has the potential to achieve it with the right guidance and support.

What inspired you to start this business?

I’ve always had a burning desire to help others, as my medical background has instilled in me a deep-seated passion for making a positive impact on people’s lives. But as much as I loved helping others, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I wasn’t truly living up to my potential. 

In my previous field of work, I felt constrained by the lack of space and opportunity to truly make a difference in the way that I had always imagined.

But that all changed when I embarked on my own personal journey of self-discovery and healing. I was driven by a deep yearning to overcome my own personal struggles and to become the best version of myself. 

It was a journey that led me to explore various therapies and techniques, each one helping me to peel back another layer of the onion, revealing more about myself and my potential.

And then, I discovered Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT). 

It was a game-changer for me. RTT helped me to build self-confidence, overcome feelings of desperation for love and attention, and understand my worth. It helped me to improve my relationships and to truly understand the power of the mind-body connection.

It was this experience that led me to start my own business, providing RTT to my clients as a means of helping them achieve similar positive changes in their lives. 

I believe that everyone has the potential to live a life of happiness and fulfillment, and it is my mission to empower my clients to tap into that potential and to become the best version of themselves.

You’ve been in business for 2 years. Please share a challenge you’ve faced along your entrepreneurial journey.

One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced on my entrepreneur journey is finding a balance between my corporate 9-5 job and my business. 

As a business owner, my time is split between providing sessions, which can take up to 3 hours, and all the other tasks that come with running a business – content creation, studying, marketing, learning new strategies, and so on. 

It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of it all, and suddenly realize that you’ve been sitting behind a computer screen for hours on end, withdrawing from family and friends.

But I knew that this was my calling, and I was determined to make it work. 

I knew that my business had the potential to help so many people, and that was what kept me going. So I made a conscious effort to prioritize my time, setting aside specific hours of the day to focus on my business, and being mindful of when it was time to step away from the screen and reconnect with loved ones.

I also made sure to schedule regular breaks throughout the day, both to give my eyes a break from the screen and to give my mind a chance to recharge. I found that taking short walks, practicing yoga, going to the gym or simply meditating helped me to clear my head and come back to my work with renewed focus and energy.

It’s not always easy, but I’ve come to realize that the key to balancing my corporate job and my business is to be mindful of my time and to set boundaries for myself. 

I’ve learned that it’s possible to make my business a success while still making time for the things and people that matter most to me. 

And in the end, that’s what makes it all worth it – the knowledge that I’m doing something that I’m passionate about, and that I’m helping as many people as possible.

What unique strengths do you feel you bring to your business? 

As a transformational guide, I bring a unique combination of personal experience, expertise, empathy, and intuition to my business. 

My journey to overcome my own struggles with self-confidence and self-esteem has given me a deep understanding of what my clients are going through. This allows me to connect with them on a deeper level and truly understand their needs.

Additionally, I utilize cutting-edge techniques such as rapid transformational therapy and advanced conversational hypnosis to address the root cause of my clients’ issues, not just treat the symptoms. 

My intuition helps me to determine the most effective approach and technique to use, ensuring that each client receives tailored support that addresses their specific needs.

I also bring a high level of empathy to the table, allowing me to truly connect with my clients and understand their experiences. This combined with my intuition, makes me well equipped to provide my clients with the support they need to break free from limiting beliefs and achieve their full potential.

I am passionate about helping my clients live the life they desire, and with my unique strengths and expertise, I am confident in my ability to help them overcome their challenges and achieve lasting transformation.

How has being an introvert affected your business? 

As an introvert, I often find myself feeling like I’m unable to reach out for help or connect with others in the same field for support. 

But I’ve come to realize that this can actually be an advantage for my business. By allowing myself the necessary time and space to reflect and listen to my intuition, I can stay focused on my own ideas and strategies without getting overwhelmed by the opinions of others. 

This allows me to come up with more creative and effective solutions, giving me a real edge in my business.

What tactics do you use to bring in new clients?

To attract new customers and clients, I rely mostly on referrals from clients who have found my services helpful. I also use social media, such as Instagram and Facebook, to reach a broader audience. 

With the help of these platforms, I’m able to share my knowledge and experience with a wide variety of people, while also exploring more creative ways of connecting with them. 

I’m also starting to use TikTok to further expand my reach, as this platform allows me to present my services in a fun and engaging way. 

Additionally, I’m open to participating in podcasts and interviews, as this allows me to share my knowledge and experience in a friendly but professional manner, while also making it easier for potential customers and clients to find me and get to know my work.

Is attending networking events a part of your marketing strategy? 

Attending networking events is not currently a part of my marketing strategy, however I’m open to exploring this option in the future. 

I recognize the value of networking events in terms of meeting potential customers, clients, and partners, as well as learning about new trends and technologies. 

It can be a great way to build relationships and expand my network, which I believe would be beneficial for my business.

How do you define success for yourself and your business?

For myself and my business, success is defined by the satisfaction and growth of my clients. Seeing them happy, self-confident, and pursuing their dreams is a source of immense joy and fulfillment. 

I’m also passionate about being able to work remotely and travel around the world while making a meaningful impact. 

Success to me is being able to bring joy to my clients and make a positive difference in their lives, while also having the freedom to explore new places and connect with people from all over the world. 

It’s a feeling of freedom and accomplishment that I strive to achieve every day.

What advice would you give to other introverted women who are just starting their own businesses?

My advice to other introverted women who are just starting their own businesses would be to embrace their introversion and use it to their advantage. 

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed or intimidated in the early stages of business, but it’s important to remember that introverts can be just as successful as extroverts. 

By being mindful of their energy levels and taking the time to reflect, introverts can come up with some really creative and unique ideas that can help them stand out from the competition. 

They should also consider using social media and other online platforms to reach out to potential customers, as this can be a great way to connect without having to leave the comfort of their own home.

Thank you for taking the time to share your story. Where can our readers find more information about you?


IG: grow_with_nikola

FB: Nikola Bučková

YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz7Wh6PUn3kN0WDOZmJbnig

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