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Meet Andreea Sandu, The Introvert Who Could

We’re thrilled to meet Andreea Sandu from Harlow, United Kingdom. She is a high-performance coach and author who has been in business for 7 years.

What does your dream life look like? Are you currently living in it or still working on it?

Both, actually! A long time ago, this used to be my dream life – working only 3 days a week, having plenty of time to spend with my family and dogs, and having the freedom to take a day off whenever I needed it. I nurture my relationships, my health, and my hobbies, and truly enjoy every day. 

But of course, there are more goals, more dreams to make reality. And those are work in progress, but while still enjoying the present moment.

Tell us about what you do.

I’m currently splitting my time between writing (and helping others with their copywriting projects) and coaching high achievers through High Performance Coaching. 

Because I’m an introvert and I published “The Introvert Who Could”, most of my clients happen to be introverted women with high standards for their careers and lives. We work on building better habits, confidence, courage, and stopping the nagging voice in their mind saying “you’re not good enough.”

High Achievers tend to be great at everything, including self-judgment! And that’s something we reduce through our sessions and time spent together.

We need to check out your book!
What inspired you to start this business?

I’ve always been passionate about self-improvement. I remember reading my first self-help book in my 20s, on public transport, while going to school.

And years later, once I saw the incredible results coaching got me, I knew I had to share this with others too.

You’ve been in business for 7 years. Share a challenge you’ve faced along your entrepreneurial journey.

One of my biggest challenges is that I get bored quickly. I have loads of ideas that I want to implement, and many times I do. But that means my focus is split on multiple projects, I’m always promoting something new because I just created it, and it can get very tiring. 

Because I became aware of it, I was able to put systems in place and some boundaries for myself so I balance the need to be creative with the need to be consistent.

How has being an introvert affected your business? 

This used to be a big problem, mainly because I considered it a problem without questioning it. I thought of myself as not being good with people, I dreaded being on video, and I was rarely open to going out and meeting people. As you can expect, this is not a good strategy for business :).

One day though, I decided to stop making it a problem. You see, when you attribute your skills to your personality, you’re making a decision in your mind that they can’t be changed. That you’re either born with them or not. This is how I was thinking about my people skills. 

But through a lot of mindset work, I turned it around and decided that I will nurture my personality, but not use it against myself and my business.

So I made sure I created a schedule that works for me and gave myself plenty of time to recover. BUT I also made sure that I put myself out there in a way that works for me. 

I love my introverted personality, especially as a coach. 

I’m a great listener, a great thinker, and I can problem-solve for myself and my clients. I always focus on the positive aspects and try to use them as much as possible. 

Introverts are awesome!

What methods do you use to bring in new clients?

I use social media (Instagram and LinkedIn), but I spend most of my time networking. 

I’m a guest on podcasts, I go to events, and my newly published book is also a great way to get people to know and trust me. 

A very introverted-friendly way to sell my services has been my weekly newsletter, I call The Life Lesson Letter, which allows me to connect with my audience through writing but also offer lots of value every week.

Is attending networking events a part of your marketing strategy? 

Yes. As a coach, meeting people is the most important task on my ToDo list. Through networking I find not only clients, but possible collaborators, mentors, and people who can refer me. 

And sometimes… just good friends.

How can an introvert get started with networking?

Like with any skill or any new activity, I recommend you start small and comfortable.

Go to events related to your hobbies or passions, so they are low-pressure.

Go with an extroverted friend maybe.

Opt for online events to begin with and just observe, no need to interact if you’re not sure yet.

But as you go again and again, just like with any muscle, your networking muscle will get stronger and stronger.

How do you define success for yourself and your business?

Success is achieving your goals, while maintaining positive relationships and well-being. If I have one without the other, I don’t consider it a success.

What advice would you give to other introverted women who are just starting their own businesses?

Really ask yourself what are you making your introversion mean. Are you using it against yourself? Reframe that. Create a schedule that works for you, put boundaries in place, but still show up.

Find positive examples of successful introverted women. They’re out there!

Thank you for taking the time to share your story. Where can our readers find more information about you?

Instagram: @by_andreeasandu

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/theandreeasandu/

Main website: https://andreeasandu.com/

The Introvert Who Could Book: https://andreeasandu.com/theintrovertbook

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