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Meet Introverted Investor, Sally Gimon

Say hello to Sally Gimon from Waxhaw, North Carolina, USA. Her dream is coming together. She has paid off six figures in student loans and car payments and has a thriving business with limitless potential. 

Sally, tell us about the work you do and who you help.

I work with 1099 Income earners and Investors to save Federal Taxes with the Spendthrift Trust. Business Trust saves 70% of federal taxes year after year. It defers capital gains, interest income, dividend income, rental incomes, and royalties year after year.

In July 2020, I took the deal of the week in my real estate group, a $20,000 bank-owned reverse mortgage house that would go to auction when Covid restrictions were lifted for $50,000. I had 13 months to figure out how I would save $7,100 in capital gains on that property.  

I went down the rabbit hole to find the private law firm that has the patent on the Spendthrift Trust.  I became a client and then taught a mastermind in my real estate group.

The house went to auction on August 28, 2021, and went to over $64,000. Better yet, I saved over $10,500 in capital gains!

If I can save taxes legally, I wanted to teach others too.  The poor have a safety net, the rich know things, and the middle class is getting squeezed.

Do you think that being an introvert has affected your business? 

I have taken the Myers Briggs three times. The third time it was explained that an introvert makes their energy internally. I like that it is up to me.  I do need time to mellow out.  I like myself and go for a walk or drive somewhere.

People think I am an extrovert since I have energy, but not according to Myers Briggs.

sally gimon

What is a challenge you’ve faced along your entrepreneurial journey?

The gentleman who ran my real estate group lied about money and took away my mastermind.  But I have to thank him; he galvanized me to start my own company and branch out.

The biggest challenge getting the word out on a tight budget.  I post 6 different videos a day on 6 different social media sites, and it is paying off now!

What advice would you give to other introverted women just starting their own businesses?

I was born with a tongue tie and had to relearn English at age four. I am dyslexic and stumble over words, but that doesn’t stop me.


Thank you for taking the time to share your story.

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